Yukon Delta Houseboat - Dinette & Helm Seat

 What Lee Wanted
I wanted a helm seat that was adjustable. There are times when I like to stand up and pilot the boat. Especially when docking.
But for those long hauls I like a comfortable seat. So I wanted a helm seat that did three things. Be a dinette seat,
be a helm seat and also part of the bed.
The issue is that the Yukon Delta front cabin deck slops upward at the helm. So a sliding seat had to slide uphill. This was very very "un-good".
The design was obviously simple. Make an adjustable seat the could slide on a level deck allowing me to stand or sit, and reverse
and slide to make a dinette seat and also a bed. What could be simpler?
Here is what we designed

We started by building the rear dinette bench. Then we framed the
floor to make it level. We needed to level the floor to allow the helm seat
to slide.
The rear dinette bench seat. This bench will also make part of the bunk.
You can see the floor framing and rear bench better in this picture. Also we
 framed the hull to receive the plywood paneling. This is where we ran all the
cables and wires going back to the engine.


This picture shows the floor frame and the hull plywood installed.
Once the floor framing was covered we copied the passenger seat to make
the helm seat.
Here is the helm seat in the cruise position. It slides back to allow me
to stand up.

This picture shows the helm seat reversed in the dinette position. In this
position the Helm seat will make part of the bed.


This is the bottom of the dinette table we built. The leg folds for storage. The
table will make part of the bed bottom. (You will see when we finish)
Presto!!! We have a dinette. Very Cool Huh?
Another picture of the dinette. The table will be covered with Formica.
This picture shows the dinette from the front door.

This picture show the bunk supports that snap in.

The table sets down to make part of the bunk.

The bunk ready for some serious sleeping! OK - We need cushions...



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