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  I think the lure of the water is hard to shake once it gets into your system. This was the case when Sandi and I decided to buy a 1977 Yukon Delta Houseboat. We wanted something to use for day trips on the Florida Intercoastal Waterway. We then saw our first Yukon Delta and we knew it was the boat we wanted.

The issue was that the Yukon Delta Houseboat is not in production anymore. So the decision was to buy the best Yukon Delta we could find.

When we found our boat we thought we could clean her up, rebuild the interior and paint the outside. But, when we started to remove the dirt and some inside panels we had a rude awaking. The cabin was total rotted and the hull needed repair. It imbedded in our minds the old saying. "Buyer Beware".

There was only two roads to take. Trash the complete boat or rebuild her. Our decision was - Rebuild!



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